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Special communication

Nell’Armonia is connected and ensures the continuity of service


Hello all,


This week, begins a human and economic parenthesis without any precedent. We respect, as everybody else, all the governmental measures of confinement.Nell’Armonia team is fully and more than ever dedicated to support you.

Our 200 collaborators are organized and fully operational to discuss, answer to your questions, contribute to your thinking, help you to adapt your activities and find efficient and pragmatic solutions to continue your projects, ensure your support, with the same quality requirements that led you to choose Nell’Armonia to support you.

Your preferred contacts inside our teams are operating as usual and the continuity of our services is fully ensured for you.

Dear customers, dear partners, be sure that all our focus and our engagement is fully by your side.

Good luck to you, take care of your health and your loved ones, and let's take care together of our businesses.


The Nell’Armonia team,






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