Tagetik allies with Nell’Armonia

Tagetik allies with Nell’Armonia


Tagetik becomes a partner of Nell'Armonia and strengthens its position on the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) market with a unique solution responding to all kinds of financial management needs.

Tagetik, visionary leader of global software solutions of performance management, announces today its partnership with Nell'Armonia, a reference consulting firm and a corporate performance management solutions expert.

Since its creation in 2007, Nell'Armonia has been recognized for its expertise in extremely sensible projects for entreprises such as consolidation, reporting or budget preparation.

"Bringing to our clients real productivity gains"

"When we choose a software publisher, it is the result of a real conviction leading to an important investment. Becoming the reference integrator of Tagetik as soon as possible, represents, thus, a consistent investment in terms of training and competencies upgrading. We are convinced that with a solution such as Tagetik, we are working on projects that can be easily and quickly deployed, and bring to our clients real productivity gains." explains Eric Leroy, CEO and founder of Nell'Armonia.

Tagetik is a unified and mostly evolutive all-in-one solution which presents all the budget, consolidation and reporting features as well as integrated dashboarding features regardless of information, transaction and solution systems used within the entreprise. Tagetik responds to not only current finance department challenges but mostly to their progression. More and more, CFOs are under pressure to faster and faster produce data of the reporting, at lower cost and in a more modernized way, by spreading the information to financial communication through digital dashboards.

"Flexible system, fast implementation and immediate results"

"Without Tagetik, there are some projects that we could not realized with another software publisher. Many entreprises demands today a flexible system allowing them to respond to all financial reporting needs, with a fast implementation and immediate results, without the pressure of a disproportionate project. That is what Tagetik knows how to do." add Eric Leroy.

"The guarantee to dispose qualified additional available resources"

"Nell'Armonia teams know finance as well as technology.
This partnership is the guarantee for our clients to dispose qualified and additional available resources on our solution, in order to lead their projects to sucess. Tagetik responds to all budget preparation, statutory consolidation and still under Excel forecast problematics, in order to bring more agility and a true added value at the crossroad between controlling and corporate finance. Besides, Tagetik is today the only alternative and credible solution on the market to replace aging statutory consolidation solutions." welcomes Laurence Yvon, Tagetik French Director of operations.

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