Anaplan- planification d'entreprise

Every aspect of enterprise planning, in the cloud


Anaplan Partner

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture, 1st Anaplan partner with the largest pool of “Solution Architect” certified consultants in France

Committed to Anaplan technology for over 6 years, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture is nowadays the leading Anaplan integrator with the most important pool of “Solution Architect” certified consultants in France, with a team of more than 30 consultants dedicated to implementation projects of the solution.

The Connected Planning solution Anaplan combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with the collaborative possibilities offered by the cloud.

Through a unique, powerful and clear interface, the Anaplan platform enables the deployment of simulation and reporting models for all departments within the enterprise (Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales etc.) and their interconnection. Outputting and calculating in real time to support decision-making, inputting to make contributions: a single interface within reach of every user across the enterprise.

A cross-cutting management solution

The Anaplan solution allows for coverage of every one of the enterprise’s budget planning processes.
Born in the cloud, Anaplan provides for the needs of:

  • Financial users, in preparing their budgets,
  • The marketing and sales department, for sales forecasts,
  • HR managers, for payroll simulations etc.

Anaplan-certified business experts

Autonomy for functional users

Each functional department can create its own application or download a business application from the App Hub portal. This portal is continually enriched with new functional content
by the community of Anaplanners.

No code, no proprietary language for maintaining Anaplan applications.The solution’s rapid learning curve is both surprising and addictive.

Linked with your upstream information systems

Anaplan is based on an embedded supplementary data integration module that allows information to be sourced from an enterprise’s operational modules (CRM, BI, ERP etc. ).

To connect to these various environments, Anaplan relies on open protocols available on the market (ODBC, JDBC etc.) but also has out-of-the-box connectors for connection to data population sources such as Salesforce, Workday and others.

Real-time modelling

Possessing a powerful modelling engine, Anaplan uses Hyperblock technology to simulate and calculate all the performance indicators for your business, in real time. The platform allows on-the-fly creation of business scenarios and the immediate output of results. Gone are overnight waits for calculations to turn out information. Anaplan users have a complete history of their changes, online and any time. All actions are traceable and auditable.

Powerful dashboarding capabilities

Ebook - cash and operational management

Information is distributed via a powerful user interface that enhances the information and optimises decision-making. Interaction with the information is possible on the web, via Office and on mobile devices. Spreadsheet users will benefit from all the flexibility of use offered by this interface.

Updating your PowerPoint presentations for every new report or budget iteration is vastly more simple with Anaplan.

All the front-ends placed at the disposal of line-of-business users enable them to input and display the information simultaneously. Updating data in one line-of-business view allows visualisation of the impacts on other business units across the enterprise, in the form of an immediate graphic readout for example.

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