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OneStream- plateforme unifiée CPM

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture, certified OneStream integrator for consolidation, controlling, financial reporting.

A modern and unified platform for Corporate Performance Management

Building its approach on a single unified platform, OneStream is committed to simplify your financial processes thanks to a unified data repository with a customizable level of details, even inside the most complex organisations.

Forget your spreadsheet, your multiple financial applications and choose a single and centralised CPM platform, gathering financial consolidation, budgeting, reporting of management, financial forecasts, financial and operational planning …

OneStream can be deployed, without any disctinction, either in the cloud mode or on-premise.

A modern and unified platform for CPM

Benefit from a unified data repository with a customizable level of details

OneStream allows you to benefit from a unified data repository with a customizable level of details by reporting or by organisational entity within the same application.

Retrieve and unify in a single platform, financial consolidation, planning, budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, data quality.

OneStream allows you to eliminate manual tasks and accelerate your financial operations thanks to a standardisation of your processes and platform. When adding a new module, the solution is able to extend the system, reproducing the configuration done previously with other modules. It avoids integration, validation or reconciliation of data between the applications when comparing real and forecast.

OneStream does not silo its modules but, on the contrary, interconnects them, in order to fully responding to its users needs.


Reduce your costs and save time

Getting your former applications inside a single one allows you to significantly reduce your licenses, deploiement and maintenance costs. With only one environment, no more need to integrate solutions between themselves or multiplicate trainings.

XF MarketPlace

OneStream proposes XF MarketPlace, its appstore, allowing you to add to your existing platform new financial and operational solutions without adding IT complexity.

XF MarketPlace gives you access to more than 40 financial and operational applications you can quickly deploy to your environment. These applications answer to precise business needs and can be configured and interfaced with your platform in only few hours.


Cloud or on-premise deployment?

With OneStream, you choose the deployment mode than fit you the most : cloud or on-premise. There is no distinction between both modes which allows you to migrate to the cloud at any moment. No matter the chosen deployment mode, OneStream ensure the security of your data and operations and the full availability and performance of your platform.

Financial close, Consolidation and Reporting

The Financial Consolidation & Reporting module of OneStream allows you to produce all types of statutory financial reporting requirements including : US GAAP, IFRS, Multi-GAAP but also the ones more specific to a territory.

OneStream allows you to have a vision of the impacts of your acquisitions but also to test differents scenarii of business evolutions. You are now able to automatically manage your IC (intercompany) eliminations or resolutions.

You also have acces to your cash flow reporting with this module, allowing you to manage and anticipate the impacts of transactions in foreign currencies on your balance.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting is simplified thanks to a dynamique use of web-forms and Excel spreadsheets. You have access to guided workflows and realize rolling forecasts, top-down, bottom-up and driver-based plannings.

You manage also long-term stategies and analyze the added-value of different scenarii, based on key performance, profitability and liquidity ratios.

Severals specialty planning applications are available in the XF MarketPlace, allowing you to visualize the impacts of various decisions : People Planning, Capex Planning, Cash Planning, Thing Planning …

Reporting et Analyse

With Reporting & Analysis, you benefit of a powerful business analysis thanks to previously pre-fromated reportings. Rely on the power of production of OneStream to create detailed and unified reports.

Find the comfort of Excel

Integrated to OneStream, it allows you to quickly deliver ad-hoc analysis. Formulas and formats of your financial models are saved in the Excel add-in and shared in the web.

Build rich and dynamic reportings thanks to Microsoft Office Blend, reports creation module gathering Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint features with OneStream XF ones. With Microsoft Office Blend, your create and standardise  your charts, graphs and data inserted in your reports.

With its interactive dashbords, and the possibility to change the variables in real time, OneStream allows you a quicker and better decision-making.

Financial Data Quality

With OneStream, connect your ERP, and other source systems, thanks to integration connectors and proceed, with the help of guided workflows, to the management and verification of the data quality for consolidation. Collection and analysis of your data is thus simlifyied and your financial processes standardised.

Thanks to the OneStream XF’s Origin dimensions, financial data transparency, reliability and protection are ensured.

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