A unique solution meeting all financial management needs

CCH Tagetik


Nell’Armonia part of Accenture, Platinum Tagetik partner.

CCH Tagetik offers a means of addressing all financial management challenges, for controlling and consolidation.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the finance market, the CCH Tagetik solution removes the need for multiple skills according to the various financial processes to be covered; you have just one solution to maintain.

CCH Tagetik can be deployed without any distinction either in cloud mode or on your own infrastructures.

At the latest kick-off world event, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture wins the award of CCH Tagetik Best Partner of the Year !

Consolidation & reporting

CCH Tagetik supports statutory consolidation processes and manages information collection through an organised and user-friendly process. Boasting a real intercompany cockpit, CCH Tagetik speeds up and improves the reliability of intercompany reconciliation processes.

Agile in simple and complex environments alike, CCH Tagetik offers innovative solutions for handling structure operations such as mergers.

CCH Tagetik is widely deployed in France and worldwide, in all the major standards systems: IFRS, French, US GAAP etc. It is the only non-SAP statutory consolidation tool capable of connecting natively to SAP HANA. The implementation of CCH Tagetik is facilitated by the availability of French-IFRS preset parameters.

Starter kit

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture responds to statutory consolidation and management reporting challenges of large companies with a pre-configured, complete and ready for use application on the solution CCH Tagetik, in accordance with all the last norms.

We propose a complete, documented and last IFRS norms updated stater kit : chart of accounts, all consolidation treatment rules, controls, complete restitution package, complete set of appendixes, Collaborative Disclosure Management starter kit on financial brochures.

CCH Tagetik meets your controlling function needs

Still with the same solution, CCH Tagetik meets themany and various needs of enterprise management.

The solution integrates seamlessly into your reporting or budget preparation processes, thanks to robust workflow functionalities that can be tailored to the business models of individual activities.
With no need of code, with its preset functionalities CCH Tagetik handles your costing processes while at the same time maintaining uninterrupted auditability.
CCH Tagetik handles your cash-flow forecasts on the basis of your inflow and outflow rules (DSO, DPO, DIO) with no code or settings required.

Your spreadsheets will love CCH Tagetik.

Inputting and outputting can be carried out with your spreadsheets, as can all settings for financial statements. Setting up a business calculation is as simple as calculating in a spreadsheet.


A real financial publication monitoring resource with the CDM (Collaborative Disclosure Management) tool

CCH Tagetik supports the preparation of internal and external brochures, in particular those intended for regulatory bodies.

The ‘Collaborative Disclosure Management’ (CDM) tool allows the publication of all regulatory reports, meeting the requirements of the European and American regulatory authorities (SEC 10k filings etc.), and drafts your press articles and in-house publications.

CDM makes it possible to present data stored in CCH Tagetik or in any other data source.

With CCH Tagetik and its workflow and security functionalities, the brochure preparation process is more collaborative and efficient. The solution handles the publication processes in XBRL.

Solvency II

CCH Tagetik has a preconfigured application that assists with fulfilling the Solvency II requirements, with a complete set of input screens, output screens and calculation screens to meet standard-related requirements.

Thanks to its native functionalities, this application supports all publications in XBRL format. The application incorporates native controls between the data deriving from legal consolidation and that required for the production of Solvency II reports, thereby enhancing the reliability of the information produced.

Cloud or no cloud?

No need to make a final decision, CCH Tagetik is just as at home in the cloud as it is on your infrastructures. The same version, at the same time, is available for porting to the cloud or on your installations. Having a simplified technical infrastructure, CCH Tagetik can be subscribed in the cloud for subsequent porting to the enterprise’s installations, or vice versa. No compromise on security, as CCH Tagetik in the cloud is SSAE16, ISO 27001 and SOC1 Type II compliant.

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Nell'Armonia is proud to be CCH Tagetik Platinum Partner !

This recognition awards the many successful projects carried out by Nell'Armonia for its customers, whether in the areas of statutory consolidation or FP&A.

Press Release

Nell'Armonia wins the award of CCH Tagetik Best Partner of the Year !

Nell'Armonia is proud to receive the "Best Partner of the Year" recognition, just after the Platinum Partner certification for France, in Septembre 2020.