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Oracle Open World London January, the 16-17th 2019

Oracle Open World 2019, to sump up

This year, on January the 16th and the 17th, Oracle Open World (OOW) has been decentralised in London, breaking with the Californian tradition of the event, and it was a success. 10,000 attendees, packed rooms, everywhere a crazy world. Can we say that Oracle has been overtaken by its success for this first european edition ?!

The strong message of this OOW lies in a simple equation : Oracle = innovation, Innovation = Cloud + Artificial Intelligence.

Oracle Open World London 2019

In other words, Oracle asserts itself as the key actor and the most advanced one in all innovations which will lead the information systems market in the following 10 years.

The message has got through from the opening keynote. Particularly during the innovative presentation (in augmented reality) of Accenture.  With still a strong focus on the cloud, it has presented the vision of a market evolving in 5 main fields : Artifical Intelligence (IA), quality of data, opening of solutions and Internet of Things (IoT).



The AI at the heart of new challenges

Mark Hurd has confirmed the message the day after, during a video-live from San Francisco. The cloud is henceforth a market- assimilated topic. The challenges are now the AI and the processes automation, creators of value for the companies.

His predictions are clear :

  • 100% of Oracle cloud applications are or will be doted of AI features,
  • From now to 2025, 85% of interactions with the final customers will be automated,
  • This movement will generate new employments in the IT industry and 60% of these jobs do not exist yet (monitoring of robotisation, Data Professional, Human-Machine supervisors ...).

If, two years ago, Oracle wished to convince on the cloud topic and put the AI into perspective, in 2019, Oracle considers that the cloud is a topic assimilated by its customers and the AI is no more a perspective but a reality which will concern all the fields of applications :ERP, CX, HCM, SCM but also the EPM one.

It is, then, not surprising that numerous sessions of the #OOWLON has been dedicated to the AI theme, with 3 big applications families we find today above the Oracle cloud solutions :

  • Applications ensuring the quality of data, by working on its organisation, its integration and especially on its accuracy.
  • "Conversational" applications (bots or chatbots) which will revolutionize the interaction and the user experience.
  • Adaptive Intelligence applications, able to analyse but also to understand, predict, anticipate and learn. The "simple" Artificial Intelligence stage seems to be already reached beyond.


What is new concerning the EPM ?

For now, the main challenge for the EPM is to secure the transition to the cloud concerning key processes such as the financial consolidation. In this field, OOW lets note that things progress.

We will particularly keep in mind sessions dedicated to returns on experience on Financial Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS) :

  • Successful deployments and satisfied customers (essentially anglo-saxon companies for the moment),
  • Automation of consolidations and monitoring of solution peaks of activity features which will soon come to enriching FCCS,
  • Points of improvements expected on :
    • performances, particularly on voluminous applications
    • calculation capacities that few Oracle customers/partners have taken very far yet.
  • First good practices : in companies contexts where everything has been integrated in HFM (statutory consolidation, financial reporting, Country by Country, cash, tax, HR, budget, forecast), it is pointless to try to reproduce identically in FCCS. On the contrary, it is necessary to fall within a real approach of transformation by capitalizing on the various cloud business bricks proposed by Oracle, as for example :
    • Financial consolidation and reporting in FCCS
    • Budget and forecast in EPBCS
    • tax reporting and Country by Country reporting in TRCS.

Among the few product "news" , we have also been able to notice that the XBRL 2020 challenge would be taken into account into the new EPRCS releases.


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Eric Leroy Nell'Armonia
Eric LEROY, Nell'Armonia CEO

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