Pilotage de la performance RH

Application audit


When your situation changes, an application audit of your existing management solutions might be needed in order to optimise their use and operation.

In the context of the day-to-day operation of a management solution, a number of questions might arise:
– Performances are deteriorating. What is causing this?
– We are considering the acquisition of another company. Can my management system absorb it?
– The company is being reorganised. How can we adapt our management solution accordingly?
– I am changing ERP. What impact will this have on my performance management solution?

In these situations, before embarking on lengthy and costly work it is advisable to take stock of the health status of your performance management solution, in order to plan for the best way of scaling it, explaining it and resolving any difficulties.

Application audit, your challenges:

  • Guaranteeing the scalability of the management solution to cover present and future analysis needs
  • Explaining and improving the performances of the solution
  • Harmonising management and consolidation reporting processes

Application audit: a 360-degree view of your management solution,
with Nell'control

Using Nell’control for the application audit of your management solutions offers you a 360-degree view:

  • By placing at your disposal a combination of expert business and infrastructure competencies in management solutions
  • By providing a factual, traceable and unarguable report produced by our Nell’control solution. Your management solution will be analysed by Nell’control and you will be provided with all relevant technical and functional indicators.
  • By using a tried and proven audit methodology capable of delivering not only a fact-based report on the health status of your platform, but also recommendations for good practices to be applied in your situation and a timetable for implementation.
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