Conseil en systèmes de pilotage

Functional expertises and project management, external resources

Temporally reinforce your teams with specialized external resources : functional assistance and business and project team support.

We know well management projects. They generate passioning tasks which add up to an already well absorbing daily life :

  • Documenting a process,
  • Updating a referential of data,
  • Determining the right level of forecast,
  • Enhacing the user journey inside an applicative,
  • Linking the cash simulation to the P&L one,
  • Defining the methods of effects analyses
  • Ensuring the right historical data recovery …


… But also verifying all along the project that the business requirement are covered, writting the acceptance testing plan and applying it.


The volume and the variety of these works can lead you to temporally reinforce your team with an specialized external resources : from the helping hand in resources delegation to the handling of business measures under you autority.

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