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100% on time and on budget


100% of our projects are completed successfully, in accordance with the schedule and the budget.

Our agile project methodology is adapted to our clients’ challenges and organisation.

With its triple business, technical and project delivery expertise, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture is recognised to be a key actor in the organisation of management projects that capitalise upon experience gained within the larger corporate groups.

Joint implementation is the key to an optimised support path leading to rapid autonomy for client teams, while a “turnkey” project limits the mobilisation of in-house resources, culminating in a transfer of competencies.

An agile methodology will be recommended in the light of functional scope and the maturity of the need.

Adopting an agile project methodology

The agile approach is reliant upon an iterative, collaborative and adaptable way of working, one that demonstrates results fast.

Once all the functional needs to be covered have been specified in detail, we define, develop and test a succession of batches that are significant for users.

The design is based on models and demonstrations to users as configuration progresses.

methodologie de projet agile Nell'Armonia

Key factors for the success of your project: "Think Big, start small"

  • Training of the administration team prior to project kick-off
  • Availability of the in-house team for specification and joint implementation tasks
  • Pragmatism in the choices to be made during the analysis phase
  • Stability of the functional and technical specifications after validation
  • Compliance of the technical infrastructure with prerequisites and delivery within the stipulated time periods
  • Availability of repository and data extractions by the stipulated deadlines.
Méthode Projet agile EPM Nell'Armonia
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