Nell'Advisory, conseil en systèmes de pilotage

Management systems roadmap definition

Your ambition :
deploying a digital and agile management

Our proposition :
shaping it with you enlightened by our experience

The market is digitizing with new challenges and benefits for the entreprise : more data, more accurate analyzes, more collaboration between departments, more anticipation, more mobility …

All these needs and promises are associated with terms become as usual as enigmatic for the non specilists : Data visualization, mining, predictive, IOT, Big Data, cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, agile method, experimental area …

The Nell'advisory contribution ?

Reintroduce pragamatism, clarity and teaching in order to concretely translate these challenges in a credible performance management systems roadmap.

Thanks to a background of 250 missions and projects, our accompanying is tangible, delineated and collaborative :

  • Your ambitions ? We will help you to challenge and model them.
  • The solutions ? We will help you to position and model them.
  • Their deployments ? We will help you to plan and organize them.
Definition of the trajectory of performance management systems
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