RPA Robotic Process Automation

Robot as a Service


Nell'cloud, cloud privé Nell'Armonia

An RPA Support Solution delivered in our Nell’cloud service Offer: Robot as a Service.

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture’s Robot as a Service offer enables finance departments to automate some recurring, time-consuming and low value-added business processes.

RPA (Robotic Automation Process) means to delegate the interpretation of applications to a robot, in order to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems. The robot performs those actions in the manner of a human administrator.


Entrusting the least efficient process to a Robot Assistant

  • Reducing processing costs for recurring tasks
  • Focusing budgets on projects with high added value
  • Improving the quality of service for users even in peak reporting period.

Quality and Cost objectives for the Finance Department

Improve the reliability of published data

Reduce teams workload and production times

Refocuse efforts on analyzing results


Teams can move away from the most complex and time-consuming tasks to focus on higher value-added tasks.

The Robot Assistant: Agnostic and almost Human

  • The RPA is agnostic to technology and interacts with either a web application, a rich client, Microsoft Office, Oracle, Anaplan Tagetik, or OneStream applications, Citrix, TSE, SAP ERP, Salesforce.com, PDF files, …
  • One RPA process usually incorporates interaction with many of these technologies.


The robot acts like a human administrator.
Several actions can be chained to optimize its performance.
Unit actions are performed much faster and more reliably than with a human operator.
Humans administrators are informed of the robot’s activities at regular intervals.
The robot is available 24/7.

A Catalog of Pre-Packaged Robots

Turnkey services to adapt to your context:

Assistance in Administration

  • Collect online exchange rates, Calculate average rates and Upload them into your financial applications.
  • Automate the backup of your EPM applications in public publisher Cloud, Reload your backups (PROD => DEV).

Assistance in Reporting Animation

  • Assist intragroup reconciliation.
  • Automate the reminders during lifts, remember the deadlines.

Assistance in Recurring Maintenance

  • Automate non-regression testing on regular updates for public cloud solutions.
  • Automate the felt performance tests (after updating settings or data).

A Support Solution delivered in the Nell'cloud Service Offer

  • Hosting the assistant.
  • Machine learning: anticipate the evolutions of the process, or the system …
  • Real-time monitoring: guarantee an availability rate of 99.998%.
  • Process maintenance every month to ensure the tasks to be performed.
  • Providing our skills center to make the assistant evolve if necessary.