Conseil en systèmes de pilotage

Scoping and specifications

Scoping, it is challenging what you express (or not),

modelling it into process, data, use, methods,

and finally traducing it into types of possible solutions.


Helping you rationalize your process, it is, in a methodological frame, delivering you our return on experience in order to :

  • Shorten your budgeting process,
  • Lighten your forecasts, make them more frequent,
  • Reduce your closures and publications deadlines,
  • Contemplate alternatives projection methods : BBZ, budgets per program, rolling forecast, even predictive.

This rationalization goes through a modelling of management data which has to adapt itself to your process :

  • Very accurate to pull up alerts and explore the actual, more aggregated for the projections, very synthetic for a PMT,
  • Open to external data for a “beyond Finance” modelling allowing a transversal management.

Nell’Advisory offers you a pragmatic support


  • Modelling your needs inside the solutions from the conception phases. Away from contaminating the expression of your needs, this modelling becomes a source of inspiration.
  • From this phase, defining the applicative cartography which precises the baselines and maps the flow.
  • Integrating your priorities and your management agenda as part of the approach.

Several hundreds of undertaken projects have built the conception experience, such as the integration, of our teams :

We have been integrated, modelled, visualized, explored, restituted, controlled, simulated and projected data with the finance, commercial, HR, supply functions, for companies of all sizes and in every industry sector.

Our culture of engagement allows us to anticipate your project risks from the design brief phase.

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