Accor, automatiser et sécuriser la consolidation statutaire avec le cloud privé de Nell'Armonia

AccorHotels: automating and securing the statutary consolidation and group reporting in the Nell'Armonia private cloud

In short

Sixth worldwide hotel operator, AccorHotels is a French group, present in 92 countries with 20 hotel brands, from luxury to low-cost, more than 4,100 hotels and 240,000 collaborators under AccorHotels signs.
AccorHotels is both an operator and a franchise (HotelServices), an owner and an investor (HotelInvest).

Project context

Nell’Armonia teams has intervened with financial department in a context of strong corporate transformation.

The change of the AccorHotels group business model and its new strategic challenges needed an important focus of internal competencies on the digital transformation of the group. In parallel, it was crucial for AccorHotels to be able to quickly develop in a reliable and flexible way its reporting in order to accompany the new needs of the group in terms of financial performance management.

Nell'Armonia's answer

AccorHotels chose to outsource the production of its statutory consolidation and management reporting into the Nell’Armonia private cloud.
Nell’Armonia thus ensure the hosting, technical maintenance and a third level operational support of the AccorHotels group financial management plateform.
The use of the private cloud and Nell’Armonia competencies enables the group to realise different kinds of evolution on the reporting plateform: migration, functional evolutions of the group reporting …

The production of reporting is ensured by more than 450 internationally spreaded users.


  • Serenity: the device put in place by Nell’Armonia has enabled to manage the evolutions of the financial plateform without mobilizing internal AccorHotels IT teams.
  • Reliability and trust: production of AccorHotels group reportings is ensured with an availability rate of 99.99%.

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