Faurecia, sécurisation et outillage de la plateforme EPM

Managing cash performance
with Nell’cash

To sum up

Second European retailer of automotive spare parts, for light and commercial vehicles, destinated to independant repairs, bodybuilders, automotive centers, quick repair chains and end consumers, through more than 1,500 selling points.

French independant group, Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) has became in 5 years an european group, thanks to a fast and sustained external growth, financed by debt.

Context & challenges

  • Ensuring the cash flow forecasts in a LBO context.
  • Implementing a unique reporting and forecasts solution for the group.

On a still very divided european market of automotive spare parts retailing, the main players who would like to consolidate their position, have to be extremely agile in order to make the most judicious acquisitions and outstripe their competitors.


Finance needs to serve strategy. 

Facing Excel limitations, AAG decided to acquire a financing and solvency forecasts management tool which would be flexible, auditable, collaborative and designed to integrate personalised inductors (KPIs).

Nell'Armonia answer

  • Nell’cash, a pre-configured cash analysis and forecasts solution 
    Nell’cash has allowed to quickly answer cash forecasts issue of Alliance Automotive, in the respect of  budgeting and delay constraints.
  • Flexible, adaptable to business specifities. 
    Beyond cash forecasts, a specific solution fit on AAG business model has been configured to manage “ends-of-year discounts”.
  • Based on PBCS, the Oracle cloud solution 
    Implementing Nell’Cash has allowed to automatically acquire Oracle PBCS, a complete cloud turnkey solution. Thus, other forecasts processes could be integrated, for budgeting, payroll forecasts, CAPEX planifications, etc.

Main benefits

  • Tool flexibility and adaptability 
    Nell’cash integrates inductors specific to the activity and taking into account several scenarii for cash and budgteing forecasts.
  • Autonomy and easyness of use 
    A junior controller has been named administrator and has been highly trained on the tool. AAG is totally autonomous on its solution.
  • Rapid deployment 
    With the specific project “Rebates”, those two projects has been implemented in two phases of three months.
  • A efficient project organisation 

    « Nell’Armonia has gave a clear and precise organisational framwork all along the project, in order to accompany us in a better comprehension of the cash operation of our business » indicates Thomas TABIASCO, France CFO, AAG.

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