Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, moderniser les outils du pilotage financier

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance: Modernising financial management tools

In short

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is a major consumer credit actor in Europe. Embedded in the Crédit Agricole S.A group, it has on the French market a leading position on the whole of consumer credit profesions: direct selling, funding on the sales location (for example household and automobile equipement), cybercommerce, partnerships and brokerage, through a large range of products and services.

Project context

The used solution for the groupe financial management was technically outdated. Besides, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CA-CF) had to absorb a new entity.
CA-CF had to acquire a sustainable tooling, enabling to manage the production reporting and forecast, the profit and loss account, the monies owed and the group management consolidation, with as main expected profits:

  • Winning in ergonomics and in operating flexibility
  • Having a vibrant bidirectional link to Excel
  • Winning in performance and saving time in applications treatment
  • Enhancing the automation of the feed chains
  • Offering a decentralised entry process
  • Make the CA-CF autonomous on the solution.

Nell'Armonia's answer

Nell’Armonia has led a first framing step to determine the targeted operational architecture and to define a project lot enabling a real competencies transfer to CA-CF teams.

The active participation of the CA-CF collaborators included in the project team has enabled a skills upgrading.

The following lots have been realised by CA-CF with only the Nell’Armonia ‘Expertise’ support.


  • Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is autonomous in the daily management of its applications and in the development of new reportings in Hyperion Planning.
  • The solution is deployed through the web and Excel alongside the groupe management and subsidiaries.
  • On the strength of its financial management success, the solution has been spreaded to risks management.

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