Gemalto, simplification processus d'élaboration budgétaire avec Oracle Planning

Gemalto: Simplification of budget preparation process on Oracle Hyperion Planning

In short

Global leader of digital security, Gemalto is at the heart of the digital world evolution. Gemalto is developping softwares and secured operating systems embedded in numerous devices such as UICC or SIM cards, credit cards, tokens, electronic passports and electronic identity cards.

Project context

After chosing Oracle Hyperion Planning solution, Gemalto has had to face too numerous dysfunctions during the implementation, with the new tool, of the first budget campaign. Gemalto has then requested Nell’Armonia to simplify the process, to optimise the application and to prepare the adoption of the new solution by the finance and HR functions teams.

Nell'Armonia's answer

  • A framing step in order to define the simplifications with businesses
  • A project managed according to priorities
  • A Gemalto and Nell’Armonia integrated project team
  • An e-learning procedure to reinforce the change management

Why Nell'Armonia?

  • Strong business and technical expertise
  • Capacity to lead a project in terms of expected quality and deadlines
  • Involvement, proximity and teams pragmatism


  • Adoption of the solution by financial teams
  • Control of the application by Gemalto
  • Respect of project deadlines

Other credentials