Mercialys reference / Anaplan

Simulating impacts of assets acquisitions/disposals
with Anaplan

To sum up

Mercialys, expert in management, transformation and upgrading of shopping centers, is one of the main property companies in France and Europe. Mercialys holds property assets of 58 sites representing more than 870,000 m² of businesses accross France.

Context and challenges

As part of its property activity, Mercialys manages a portfolio of assets. To optimise the results, the management of this portfolio is dynamically done, generating thus an assets acquisition and disposal policy.


The simulation of these acquisitions and disposals was realised under Excel, which appeared to meet some limits, such as :

  • A lack of robustness,
  • No versioning,
  • Non auditable data.

The financial management of Mercialys then decided to industrialise these simulations.

Implementation of the solution

After 3 months of project, the 5 users now realised in Anaplan solution :

  • The P&L building on the assets acquisition and disposal,
    • By good (shopping center)
    • By lot (commercial space inside the shopping center)
  • The modelling of cash impact, result, balance property assets,
  • The integration of market data for assets upgrading,
  • 5 years cash follow-up.

Main benefits

As a result of the project, users have been able to measure the main benefits of the implementation of Anaplan on their financial process :

  • A balance sheet optimisation,
  • A better funding negociation with banks,
  • A better financial communication towards the market,
  • A data auditability.

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