MGEN, reporting et élaboration budgétaire

MGEN: Reporting and budget preparation

In short

The Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale (MGEN) is the second health mutual in France in terms of number of suscribers and contributions. With almost 4 million protected people, MGEN is a major actor of the social care. First mutual of the public function, if MGEN is historically the mutual of National Education, Culture, Reasearch and Youth and Sports, it is now open to all.

Project context

Due to its businesses diversity, MGEN is submitted to high regulatory requirements and their evolutions (the entities being ruled by different rules of the mutual code). MGEN carries out its budget preparation on Excel and finds itself faced with the spreadsheet limits.
MGEN asked Nell’Armonia to support it in the implementation of a tool dedicated to budget preparation, simulation and analytical distribution on the 4 main businesses of the Group, in parallel of its analytic redesigning project on Qualiac ERP.

Steps of the project

5 lots have been identified in this major project: Headquarters, Insurance, Establishment, Health Center, Technical Result, Group Consolidation.

General framework of needs: Business and Tool Expertise
The general framework enabled to describe, for every lots: the scope, the expected functionnalities, their particularities, the organisation of flows between applications and the definition of rules and of a uniform meshing to guarantee the perfect data consolidation.

Implementation of each 5 packs
Implementation, in collaboration with MGEN IT teams, of 5 applications including:
– Analytical repartition complex rules (particularly costs repartition by health system “manadatory scheme”/”supplementary scheme” and a breakdown of costs by “destination” according to Insurances Code).
– A synchronisation of flows between the different applications in order to ensure the coherence of the global process.

Coordination with MGEN ACA & business teams
– Analytical redesigning of each business, in parallele of the implementation of Planning applications.
– Competencies transfer to the administrative controlling teams.


  • The groupe has a consolidated vision of the reporting on financial and operational indicators on the whole of businesses.
  • A thin organized reporting and forecast process, with homogeneous Group rules, an analytical detail and particular business rules according to the field.
  • A secured management process: flows automation, industrialisation of processings (allowance).
  • MGEN autonomy on the tool functional administration.

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