Orpi - reporting financier et prévisions budgétaires avec Oracle PBCS

Simplifying the budget management process with Oracle PBCS

In short

ORPI is a network of real estate offices gathering 1,200 offices and more than 6,000 employees. ORPI adresses the market throw its offices network, its website and its apps.

Context and challenges

ORPI used to build its budget, planning, and its financial reporting on many Excel files. This approach was facing with more and more limits :

  • too many Excel files leading to
  • very complex Excel sheets (Macro ..) and …
  • a high risk of loosing data,
  • a necessity to restate manually and
  • a difficulty to reconcile the accounting and controlling data.

ORPI has chosen the Oracle PBCS solution in order to industrialize its budgeting, planning and budget forecasting process.

Solution implementation

Nell’Armonia has been accompanying ORPI in the project implementation to face with the following challenges :

  • Automatic data input from the accounting and the payroll,
  • P&L calculation by departement
  • Follow-up of the actual, the budget, the landing by departement and consolidated
  • Follow-up of staffing costs with the number and travelling expenses,
  • Follow-up of elected representatives costs and compensations,
  • Calculation of contributions of each point of sales,
  • Calculation of rebilling to the network.

Main benefits

The implementation of Oracle PBCS thus has been allowing ORPI :

  • saving time and free some for the analyse,
  • securing the managing data,
  • having a native access to the historical data enabling reforecastings;
  • profiting from simplified access to the data thanks to the integration of PBCS with Excel (Smartview connectors),
  • allowing thus a better budget process between the different departments, including with the operational ones.

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