PSA - business and industrial controlling

Industrial and business controlling
with Anaplan

In short

2nd european car manufacturer with more than 3.6 million vehicules sold, the PSA Group is implanted in Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa and Asia and generates a turnover of more than 65 billion euros.

Choice of the solution

PSA has made the choice of Anaplan to replace its obsolete reporting solution. The challenge of the project was producing reportings and supporting the budgeting process for european controlling on industrial and business fields.

Implementation of the solution

Deployed by lots, this project covers different functional fields such as finance, sales, investments, payroll, etc.

Concerning the industrial controlling, the PSA teams achieve in Anaplan :

  • Monthly closure
  • 5 years MTP
  • Budgeting process
  • Investments management
  • Calculation of the industrial cost price.

Concerning business controlling, what is now done in the solution is the:

  • Monthly closure
  • Budgeting process
  • 5 years MTP
  • Monitoring of the workforce.

The success of the implementation of Anaplan is the results of two key factors : a clear target vision and a deployment by steps.


The implementation of the Anaplan solution has permitted to PSA teams to :

  • Reduce delays of information production
  • Delete low value added and time-consuming tasks
  • Centralise data within a single database accessible to everyone
  • Harmonise plants management modes
  • Fluidify the exchanges between plants and central controlling.

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