Quadran reference / Anaplan

Automation of the treasury forecasts management
with Anaplan

To sum up

Quadran is settled in France and in Overseas French Departments on main renewable energies sources: wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biogas. Quadran manages over a hundred renewable power plants and works on a sizable portfolio of projects in development.

Context and challenges

The Quadran activity requires sizable investments with a high cash impact. The follow up of treasury forecasts was realised in Excel and was not directly linked to the reporting and budgeting, managed in Anaplan. Thus, the on going strong growth needed a more automated treasury forecasts management. Quadran decided to implement the treasury forecasts into Anaplan.

Implementation of the solution

After a two months and half project, the 5 users of Quadran have been able to :

  • Benefit from a medium term treasury model (12 to 18 months) by the central,
  • Implement 3 models (Development, Construction, Exploitation),
  • Connect thanks to a DataHub, treasury, reporting and budgeting models.


The automation of the treasury forecasts management into the Anaplan solution has allowed the Quadran teams to :

  • Gain in reliability and credibility towards stakeholders and financers,
  • Save time thanks to the automation of calculation and links to the budgetary models,
  • An ability to produce forecasts on a monthly basis,
  • A better equity use.

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