RATP, structuration du processus d'élaboration budgétaire et d'analyse des prévisions d'investissements

RATP: Structuring of budget preparation and investments forecasts analysis process

In short

RATP Group is the 5th global public transportation actor, with every day more than 14 million travellers transported in France and around the world. Always associated with Paris and its centenary underground, the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) is requested all over the world for its unique experience in terms of design, project management, exploitation and maintenance of all kinds of urban and interurban transport: underground, rail, tramway, bus, cable transportation. In Île-de-France, it operates and develops one of the densest multimodal network in the world, in the service of 11 million inhabitants gathered on a 12,000 km² territory.

Context and challenges

Structuring of budget preparation process and investments forecasts analysis (jobs and resources) process, within a global optimisation of the finance side approach.

  • Management
  • Reporting
  • Maintaining in operational condition.

Nell'Armonia's answer

  • Assistance to framing and to detailed design of budget process
  • Technical and operational assistance to the process implementation inside the Oracle Hyperion Planning solution
  • Performance of stress tests on the technical plateform
  • Assistance to framing, prototyping and detailed design of the arbitration process of RATP investments
  • Internal & external reporting generation.

Other credentials