Schneider Electric, gérer les évolutions d'une plateforme de pilotage de plus de 1000 utilisateurs

Schneider Electric: manage the evolutions of a management plateform of more than 1,000 users

In short

As a global specialist of the energy and automatisms management, Schneider Electric commits itself to the global development of the connectivity, sustainable development, efficiency, reliability and safety in five major areas: homes, buildings, cities, industry and cloud.

Context and challenges

A constantly evolving group and a leader in performance management practices, Schneider Electric possesses a very powerful group management plateform, managing consolidation, integrated group reporting, rolling forecast, performance by countries and industrial performance.

Managing the evolutions of the management plateform constitutes a major challenge; the plateform, used by more than 1,000 financial controllers and managers, has to be able to constantly develop, depending on the development of the Schneider Electric group (external growth, organisational changes, IT strategy…).

Nell'Armonia's answer

Nell’Armonia has nammed referent interlocutors on the whole of subjects:

  • consolidation,
  • management reporting,
  • dashboarding,
  • technical architecture,
  • integration with ERPs…


This continuous management of competencies, in the Schneider Electric specific context, enables to successfully manage both functional types projects (evolutions of the performance management frame), technical projects (migration, change of host) and integration projects(data feed from SAP).

Moreover, by entrusting the administration and maintenance of certain tools to the Nell’Cloud service centre, Nell’Armonia provides a service which improves the quality while reducing the ownership costs.

Why Nell'Armonia?

  • Completeness of the expertise on the whole of the Oracle EPM and Business Intelligence modules.
  • Ability to successfully lead complex projects in accordance with the deadlines and budget.
  • Agility, reactivity and availability of the team.


  • Ability to integrate permanent evolutions of the group into the management systems in a short time.
  • Reduction of ownership costs thanks to the treatment, in service center mode, of some applications.

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