Building the budget in Target Setting mode with CCH Tagetik

Building the budget in Target Setting mode with CCH Tagetik

In short

Global leader of Quality of Life Services, the Sodexo group is set up in 80 countries. Its 427,000 employees furnish on site services such as catering or facility management, advantages and rewards services and home care services and to individuals.

Context and challenges

The Sodexo group is undergoing a major transformation, moving from a global approach from country to an approach from business line and market.


A new financial department team also wished to transform the budgeting process. Rather than realize a very detailed bottom-up mode process which will be at the end strongly challenged, the financial departement wished a Target Setting type of process, business driven, and with not too many details.


Sodexo has chosen the CCH Tagetik solution to accompany this transformation.

Choice of the solution

  • Clear response to the modelling and reporting needs of Sodexo
  • Understanding and business knowledges of CCH Tagetik
  • Flexible and user friendly tool  
  • Easy change management
  • Satisfaction of the preliminary Nell’Armonia service on the consolidation and reporting part
  • Quality of the resources proposed by Nell’Armonia on the project

Solution implementation

This choice has allowed the Sodexo group to be able to establish :

  • A top down budget with 4 levels (group, market segment/sub-segment, country) focus on the key performance indicators
  • A bottom-up rise and a reconciliation of the two processes
  • 3 forecasts per year
  • An automatically supply from HFM to the actual results
  • A corporate costs reallocation on the operational entities

After five months of implementing the solution, CCH Tagetik is now used by 400 users.

Stages of the project

The project was held in two stages using the Agile Method :

  • the forecast has been delivered in March, 2018
  • and the budget, in May 2018


CCH Tagetik and Nell’Armonia has been ensuring all along the project the transfert of skills to the Sodexo teams, who are now able to administer systems and take charge of the principal developments.


  • Focus on the right business questions to build the business plan
  • Reduction of the delay of budget and forecasts production (divided by 2)
  • Very good acceptation of the solution by the users thanks to its Excel interface
  • Better supervision of the process and its progress thanks to the workflow
  • Contribution to the enhancement of the financial communication with the settlement of new performance indicators.

Other credentials