Splio a choisi Oracle PBCS et Nell'Armonia

Implement Oracle PBCS in a startup

In short

Splio helps brands create completely connected customer experiences online and offline with its a cloud-based marketing software platform dedicated for retailers.
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in France, Splio has offices in China, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Brazil and serves more than 500 clients.

Context and challenges

In 2017, Splio decided to equip its financial management with an EPM solution, for 3 main reasons:

  • As an hyper growth startup, Splio must provide its investors with frequent, detailed, and reliable reports.
  • With 7 international locations (France, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Poland), Splio needs a solution to automate the consolidation of monthly reports.
  • And finally, the company relies on limited resources that need to save time so that they can focus on business issues.

Project steps

  • Initially, Nell’Armonia advised Splio as part of an advisory mission to help choose the best solution.
  • Once the choice of Oracle PBCS was done, we proceeded to the implementation project with a goal of “co-construction”, so that the Splio teams quickly gained autonomy over their solution.

Main benefits

  • Oracle PBCS is a proven tool for a long time, recognized for its robustness and reliability, and has a huge support community.
  • Oracle PBCS was easy to learn and set up, with user-friendly data retrieval.
  • Nell’Armonia’s consultants shared their knowledge of the tool, as well as their methodology, which allowed Splio to overcome difficulties during the recipe phase, among others.

Other credentials