Camusat client Nell'Armonia et Tagetik

A unified vision for Camusat group reporting and consolidation on Tagetik

In short

Camusat is a worlwide expert in the deployement of Telecom infrastructures. It designs, builds and monitors Operator’s telecom sites, Fiber Optic Networks and develops efficient and green energy systems, throughout 6 Business Lines.

Thanks to a strong entrepreneurial and pragmatic corporate culture, the group is geographically spread, supporting local initiatives and project mode operation.

Context and challenges

In this geographically spread organization and in the context of a new business model, the financial department presents a heterogeneous maturity.

Within the context of the global program of support functions transformation, the “EVO Finance” project aims to:

  • Create a financial culture with common framework and processes,
  • Implement a more efficient control: time, reliability and reporting trackability,
  • Amplify analysis and modelling capacities,
  • Optimize the exploitation of existing data.


  • Make more reliable the process of financial data collection and treatment,
  • Make visible analytical reallocations made at the headquarters,
  • Reinforce the control culture through the group with a common framework and language,
  • Spread the right financial pratices to enhace efficiency and global consistency,
  • Facilitate communication between Finance and Operations Monitoring to exploit all the existing data
  • Achieve concret and fast results, for both general management and entities, in order to make them join the transformation project.

Implementation of the solution

With CCH Tagetik, Camusat has made the choice of a collaborative and evolutive Saas solution which is able to include itself inside a moving IT architecture in order to replace actual Excel tools, on an ambitious scope:

  • Reporting & Consolidation,
  • Budget,
  • Forecast,
  • Weekly cash report,
  • Analytics.

Main benefits

An important and visible added value at all the levels of the organization:

  • Reporting depth and quality
  • Validation of a unique data model for consolidation and controlling
  • A shared analytical framework and operational consistency
  • Speeding the closing time
  • Spreading a cash culture


Nell’Armonia teams helped Camusat to take up pratical challenges with this project led entirely on remote, within a very short time and with a high learning curve.

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