Management of IT projects portfolio

To sum up

Ubisoft is among the worldwide leaders of creation, publishing and distribution of video games and interactive services, with a full portfolio of world-class reputation brands. Ubisoft teams are implanted all over the world through its worldwide network of studios and distribution subsidaries. Ubisoft generates a more than EUR 1.7 bn turnover.

Context and challenges

The IT department of Ubisoft is divided on several geographic areas (San Francisco, Montreal, Paris, Romania). The financial data which are elaborated by the various Business Unit then have to be collected and consolidated, thanks to a process based on Excel, which is source of :

  • Delay
  • Charges
  • Errors

Futhermore, the management of the project portfolio and the financial management are realised inside distinct tools with different referentials. In sum, a difficult and complex reconciliation.

La mise en oeuvre de la solution

After 6 months of project, the 100 Ubisfot users realise from now on in Anaplan :

  • The complete and collaborative management of the Portfolio Management Project cycle,
  • The integration of the Project Portfolio vision and the financial vision of the projects,
  • The budget by cost nature and automatic generation of P&L,
  • The rebilling calculation to the Business Unit,
  • The capacity planning management with respects to available ressources.

Main benefits

Thanks to the implementation of Anaplan, Ubisoft teams have benefit from the solution in terms of :

  • Saving time,
  • Reliabity of budget pull-up,
  • Homogeneisation of the financial logic,
  • Consolidation in real time,
  • Better foresight of the capacity to manage a project according to the expected availability of ressources,
  • 18 months rolling forecast budget vision.

Other credentials