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Before and after Anaplan
AXA Group Solution’s story

Before and after Anaplan

AXA Group Solutions' story

On November 28, 2017, Silvia Diaz from AXA Group Solutions, was with us  to tell the AXA story with the Anaplan platform. We asked her a few questions.


In short, what do you do for AXA?

I work for AXA Group Solution, the consulting and IT solution provider for the AXA group. Among other things, I am in charge of evangelization with the different entities of the AXAplan.

AXAplan is the internal name given to the Anaplan platform deployed to answer the AXA Group's specific needs.  


When did the AXAplan story begin?

At the end of 2014, AXA was in need of a new reporting and budgeting solution. At a CFO summit in San Francisco, AXA met a start up called Anaplan. After a thorough study, the Anaplan platform was preferred to its competitors and the contract is signed in March 2015.

Since then, AXA and Anaplan have created "AXAplan" and have come a long way. We went from 3 entities and 267 users to 20 entities and 1287 users and this is not the end of it.

What were your initial issues and how do you use Anaplan today?

The main objective was to replace Excel and other aging solutions for financial management with a more up-to-date tool that could be adapted to the various AXA Group businesses and organizations. Although initially Anaplan was mainly used for traditional issues of reporting and budgeting, quickly, the platform was adopted to meet the expectations of other operational departments, HR, ... This is a real trend.

In the future, we will continue to respond to increasingly diverse business demands. This is the true strengh of Anaplan, this ability to be a global reporting and management platform. 


Could you give us a specific example of Anaplan's application within the AXA Group? 

One of the group's entities needed to optimize its budgeting process. It was performed under Excel and involved manual entry of time spent and forecast by about 40 correspondents in 4 countries 3 times a year.

The consolidation and processing of interco was cumbersome and the process was not flexible. Last-minute adjustments were complicated to consider.The process lasted 3 weeks. processus durait 3 semaines.

Thanks to Anaplan all real-time consolidation and real-time consolidation reallocation steps are now automated. Correspondents continue to enter past times and budgets in UX-optimized interface and the process only lasts a week today. 

In your opinion, what are Anaplan's main assets for a group like AXA?

The entities we are working with are independant in their choices and often move towards personalized solutions on which they can be quickly autonomous. They can choose to use the tools curated by AXA GS or retain others.  If they choose Anaplan, it is not only because the solution meets their expectations but also because it is deployed quickly using agile method. Therefore, it is quickly adopted by all users who can build very early their first applications.

Why do you enjoy working with Nell'Armonia?

Many entities in the group are interested in Anaplan and we need to be able to rely on an integrator who really has the ability to provide skilled ressources, certified by Anaplan and qualified to understand the varied expectations of different business units.

With Nell ', we were able to work with a dedicated reference partner, specialized in performance management projects and able to mobilize the right expertise with the greatest reactivity. To date, we have completed 6 projects together.

Thank you Silvia!

For more information on Anaplan's platform, and integration methodology and what we can do for you at Nell'Armonia, please, click here. 



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