Tagetik Day 2017 Nell'Armonia

CCH Tagetik DAY 2018 :
the key meeting of the Tagetik ecosystem, with Nell’Armonia

Nell'Armonia, CCH Tagetik privileged partner, is sponsoring the annual event of the publisher


CCH Tagetik France organizes its big annual event on Thursday the 27th of Septembre 2018 at le Petit Palais in Paris, starting from 5 pm.

Some 150 attendees, CCH Tagetik customers, experts and partners are awaiting for an exclusive evening which will be a privileged moment to exchange, learn and network around the theme of the digital transformation as growth engine of the French companies.


Schedule :

  • sessions of informations
  • products demonstrations
  • customers testimonies

And also, a private tour of the museum to fully enjoy the prestigious and cultural surroundings of the Petit Palais.

Come to meet the Tagetik experts of Nell'Armonia !


The Next Big Think - CCH Tagetik day 2018

The event is by invitation only


To know more about Nell'Armonia expertise on CCH Tagetik, click here

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