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Join our team of 170 business, technical and project delivery experts based in Paris-France, Tel Aviv-Israel, Warsaw-Poland and Casablanca-Morocco!

Customer-centric since its beginnings in 2007 and firmly focused on innovation and value creation, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture constantly evolves in order to anticipate market developments and help its clients to understand and digest the value offered by the new Enterprise Performance Management solutions, digitisation and the cloud.

In the accomplishment of our mission, our consultants are our strength, their competencies are our assets and their reputation and standing, our capital.

Develop within an experienced team and grow your skills

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has staked its reputation on experience, asking every new arrival for at least 5 years’ experience and a career path that is consistent with the field(s) of their future assignments with us.

Within the Consulting division, the three business competencies centres are overseen by local managers who organise sharing and upskilling (offers, technologies, methods):

  • Management Control
  • Consolidation – Reporting
  • Information Systems Department

Diversify your experience

Our service offer covers all the needs of a business intelligence project incorporating on-premise or SaaS solutions: consulting, integration, technologies.

Whereas the majority of market players often specialise in just one of these fields, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture is the only company of its size to offer its clients a team with expertise in each sphere.

Over 300 clients have entrusted us with their strategic projects. They are top companies listed on the CAC 40 index, large international groups or medium-size enterprises encompassing all sectors of activity.

Enhance your expertise

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has opted to invest strongly in training its consultants, enabling them to establish themselves as the top experts in their fields.

From the day of their arrival, and throughout their career, each consultant will be offered a tailored programme of training and certification. During their first three months, each new recruit is assigned a senior tutor who will personally monitor their personal and professional progression.

Seeking excellence, working in a climate of trust and mutual support

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture relies on its founding principles to establish and foster the development of its corporate culture:
excellence, honouring commitments, trust, mutual support, humility.

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