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Who are we?

Experts in Performance Management solutions

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture is a consulting company with deep expertise in Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

Triple expertise: Business, Technical and Project delivery

Since its creation in 2007, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has supported over 300 companies of all sizes and cross-industry in delivering their Corporate Performance Management projects, from upstream business advice through to implementation and beyond, with change management and post go-live support and assistance.

We place our triple business, technical and project delivery expertise at the disposal of CEOs and CFOs for the deployment of high-performance management solutions that are perfectly tuned to their requirements, in SaaS mode (private or public cloud) or “on-premises” mode.

Business, technical, and project delivery expertise

As a leading partner and accredited Oracle EPM training centre in France since 2011, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has established itself as the benchmark player in the Oracle EPM/BI range. Nell’Armonia part of Accenture is one of the top 8 companies in the world to be Oracle certified as an “Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer” on their EPM cloud solutions.

With expertise in SaaS management solutions, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has also become an Anaplan, a CCH Tagetik, and a OneStream partner.

Whatever the chosen technological solution, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture works at your side for the success of your projects – on time and on budget – drawing on its triple business, technical and project delivery expertise, with a passionate and dedicated team of specialists working with you to achieve your objectives.



Compliance with commitments

Because compliance with commitments was written into its DNA from the very outset, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has enjoyed the confidence of decision-makers who have received our support in overcoming their strategic and critical challenges.

The quality of Nell’Armonia part of Accenture’s services, its capacity for finding solutions, its size and specialisation reassure and promote loyalty among its clients, with whom the company has developed a genuine closeness.

Supporting the digital transformation

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture relies on these fundamental principles and on its capacity for innovation in order to support its clients in their digital transformation and move to the cloud, with Performance Management offers in SaaS mode, all delivered through a service that is highly specialised, multilingual and available 24/7.

Recognised as specialists with triple business, technical and project delivery expertise, who honour commitments without fail and are firmly focused on innovation and value creation, we anticipate market developments and invest in its latest innovations in order to help our clients to understand and digest the value offered by these new enterprise management solutions.

Experts in Performance Management solutions


years experience in delivering EPM projects


Oracle EPM, Anaplan, CCH Tagetik, and OneStream certified consultants


successful EPM project implementations