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Why Nell'Armonia ?

For over 12 years, the benchmark partner for your Enterprise Performance Management projects.

Financial management projects are unlike any other: implementing a performance management solution calls for specific experience, and the kind of focus we have maintained for over 12 years.

It is not merely a question of technical or functional insights. The best technical experts do not have a clear grasp of your business issues and, conversely, the best business experts do not necessarily have any concept of the possible flexible and scalable configurations. Since its creation, Nell’Armonia has brought these two competencies together in order to facilitate dialogue.

Yet business expertise and technical expertise are not in themselves sufficient for the success of a project; it has to be managed. Meeting deadlines, budgets and delivered quality: this has been the focus of our business for 15 years and our references demonstrate and bear witness to the quality of the support delivered by Nell’Armonia.

Cloud expertise

Digitisation and cloud are omnipresent subjects.
You may be wondering whether these solutions
are relevant to your enterprise.

With its private cloud, public cloud and classic offers,
Nell’Armonia is able to recommend
the solution best suited to your specific context.


Proximity and reactivity

Nell’Armonia’s company size enables us to bring business, functional and technical skills
to bear on a single project, to mobilise the most appropriate expertise should the need arise,
to intervene on-site or remotely… all with the greatest reactivity.
These are key factors in the success of our assignments.


Our approach of constant innovation benefits our clients directly:
standard pre-configuration,
application technical and functional monitoring solutions,
non-regression test PLC,
digitisation of reporting processes,
You are assured of benefiting from the fruits of our experience
and the industrialisation of our services.


Why work with Nell'Armonia?

Beyond the focus, competencies and reactivity offered by Nell’Armonia,
we take pride in bringing you much more besides.
On a day-to-day basis, we cultivate a spirit of service, of proximity
and of honouring commitments.
Working with Nell’Armonia is assurance that you are working with a team that shares your commitment to the success of your project… because your project is our project.

For all these reasons, 100% of our clients entrust us time and again with their new projects.

Credentials and testimonials

300+ clients trust us

100% of our clients come back to us for support with their new projects.

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Join our engaged, united,
and expert team

A company that innovates and grows its expertise + a close-knit and engaged team + a community of prestigious clients = unique opportunities to evolve in a growing enterprise, one that invests to advance its employees.

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