Les enjeux de la finance

Your challenges

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting and guiding enterprises in optimising and implementing their performance management processes, in France and worldwide.

We help Finance managers and CIOs to overcome their challenges.

Managing Financial Performance

Nell’Armonia supports CFOs and Management Controllers with a comprehensive and modern offer that is in tune with today's challenges.

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Managing your infrastructure

With mass transition to the cloud, the Information Systems Department has to ensure the overall consistency of an information system that is a mix of technical infrastructures deployed in "classic" mode and cloud-based solutions.

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Digitisation of the Finance Function

Confronted by the new challenges ushered in by process digitisation, the cloud and big data, the CFO has become a key actor in digital transformation.

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Managing HR performance

Performance management tools now incorporate the day-to-day functions of HR departments, who have become strategic contributors just like any other department within the enterprise.

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Your solutions in SaaS mode

Free up time for transforming your enterprise by adopting solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.

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Administration of your management solutions

Administer your cloud-based or on-premise performance management platforms with complete peace of mind with Nell’Armonia.

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