Nell'Armonia, digitalisation de la fonction finance

Digitisation of the finance function

In the face of new challenges, the finance function has become a major actor in digital transformation.

Process digitisation, cloud solutions and big data are making it possible to simplify the classic (“transactional”) processes of data compilation and centralisation, and to reallocate the saved time to value-adding EPM tasks. Now, controllers’ priorities are analysis and, one of their core competencies, “story-telling”.

Digitising the finance function, your challenges:

  • Capitalising on digital, the cloud and big data in order to integrate finance into the enterprise-wide transformation process
  • Facilitating and streamlining the dissemination and sharing of information within the enterprise
  • Strengthening management of the decision-making process and activity
  • Rendering decision-making as effective, fast and precisely targeted as possible
  • Improving the productivity of your teams, focusing their effort on analysis rather than data consolidation.

Our answer: supporting you in your digital strategy

The digitisation of the finance function has become a critical issue for finance departments.

In order to continue in their role as guarantor of reliable data, finance departments have had to adapt and implement solutions that allow them to communicate simply with the rest of the enterprise.

On the strength of their knowledge of the finance departments we have worked with on a daily basis for more then 10 years, the Nell’Armonia teams are ideally placed to:

  • Advise you on the best solutions to implement in the specific circumstances of your operations.
  • Offer you on-premise or SaaS-based (software as a service) solutions in the light of your particular needs.
  • Above all: support and guide you in the deployment of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to your business context.
  • Promote change management among your teams, with the aim of optimising end-users’ adoption and acceptance of these KPIs.

Security in the cloud


The professionalism and specialist competence of actors in the cloud are your assurance of security in terms of data ownership and protection.

The digital transformation is seeing the emergence of new regulatory obligations, with reinforced compliance and control functions to ensure technical and legal conformity.

Architecture cloud EPM Nell'Armonia


The Business Intelligence and
Analytics functionalities make it possible
to create easily ad hoc dashboards and analyses.

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Big data predictive analytics

The diversification and exploding volume of data
are changing analysis and forecasting methods.

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