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The business intelligence (BI) and analytics functionalities make it possible to create ad hoc decision-support dashboards and analyses with ease.

With a single point of access for data collection, retrieval and analysis, you can disseminate a single reality across the enterprise, accessible in real time, in the form of dashboards, visualisations and advance analysis reports.

Dashboards and analysis reports, your challenges:

  • Centralising data in order to satisfy all requirements for analysis, reporting, dashboards and mobile BI
  • Creating, publishing and easily updating ad hoc analytical models, reports, dashboards and analyses
  • Creating, sharing, consulting and disseminating reports on the web, via mobiles or standard Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint)
  • Simplifying and speeding up the monthly report and analysis production process.

Our answer: structuring and deploying your dashboards

Disseminating reliable information across your enterprise on innovative and ergonomic devices that are available to all, without spending hours on copying and pasting… this is now possible thanks to the technological solutions available on the market.

Agile Business Intelligence

Agile BI, mobile BI, data visualisation, data discovery, self service BI, interactive dashboard: the new data visualisation solutions – simple, graphic, often based on “in-memory” engines to enhance performance – afford users a far greater degree of autonomy and interactivity.

These ground-breaking technologies offer analysis and reporting capabilities that facilitate:

  • Closer oversight of activity and monitoring of the implementation of strategy and associated action plans
  • Anticipation and production of increasingly reactive projections
  • Nimbler decision-making.
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Production of your financial brochures

We help you to automate the production of your annual financial brochures, based on customised templates designed on the basis of the categories used in your financial information system.

Lafarge, pilotage de l'activité avec Oracle Planning
Business case

Lafarge chooses Nell’Armonia part of Accenture for the financial management of its Cement business.

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