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Budgeting, planning and forecasting

Is your budgeting, planning and forecasting process collaborative, continuous and populated by unfailingly up-to-date data?

Managed in collaboration with other departments within the enterprise, an integrated and structured budget preparation and forecasting process makes it possible to produce a more reliable budget and to update it regularly, which contributes to the analysis of overall performance.

Budgeting, planning and forecasting, your challenges:

  • Analysing your financial performance and identifying your performance drivers
  • Structuring your planning process and developing budgets and reforecasts on the basis of your business processes
  • Enhancing the reliability of financial and non-financial information collection
  • Tooling planning process validation workflow
  • Managing, in a simple way, the opening and closing of your budgetary campaigns
  • Sharing a single version of the information
  • Deploying, in a multi-dimensional environment, all the axes of analysis required for controlling
  • Enhancing the reliability of aggregation at group level.

Our answer: simplifying and automating the construction of the budget and rolling forecast

Constructing a budget and reliable reforecasts calls for the use of solutions that allow collection of financial and non-financial information in every department within the organisation.

Above and beyond data collection, this data has to be explained, without having to delve into email trails, and changes have to be tracked.

Furthermore, the bigger the enterprise, the greater the need for a validation workflow based on your hierarchical organisation. Native and automatic aggregation of the data collected then permits analysis of the financial performance of the enterprise, followed by simulation of the impact of particular changes you may decide upon.

Construction of the budget and reporting

  • Nell’Armonia’s teams offer a combination of business expertise and project delivery experience. They support and guide you in implementing budget preparation solutions or optimising your existing solutions.
  • Each enterprise has its own unique budgeting and planning process: our teams place all their business experience at your service, experience gained from the finance departments of numerous French and international groups, and offer you the most effective configuration, the usability of which has been tried and proven in contexts similar to yours.
Elaboration budgétaire Nell'Armonia

Whether you opt for an on-premise deployment or one in SaaS mode, the functional and technical skills offered by Nell’Armonia part of Accenture enable you to implement your solution with complete confidence, on time and on budget.

Gemalto processus et élaboration budgétaire Nell'Armonia
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Gemalto calls on Nell’Armonia part of Accenture to optimize its budgeting, planning and forecasting process and tool.

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Reporting, budgeting and analytical distributions: a co-developed project.

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