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Management reporting

66% of CEOs believe that their enterprise has been operating in a more threatening environment over the last three years, in particular due to geopolitical uncertainties and exchange rate volatility*.

Enterprises are required to produce high-quality financial reporting that is standard-compliant and detailed, within tighter timeframes and more often, in order to meet the needs of shareholders and management.

Management reporting must therefore be based on a highly nimble solution that offers every actor in the financial close process the possibility of creating their own analyses rapidly.

Financial reporting, your challenges:

  • Reducing the time taken over financial close
  • Optimising and enhancing the security of financial processes
  • Managing the complexity of the operations, controlling the associated risks
  • Simulating the impact of a change relating to activity
  • Better understanding past activity and looking ahead to the future

* Source: “Global CEO Survey”, an annual global opinion poll conducted by PwC among 1,400 chief executives in 83 countries (19th edition).

Our answer: management reporting solutions that are in tune with your business challenges

Nell’Armoniapart of Accenture’s project delivery teams offer the triple skills required to implement management reporting solutions: business + project delivery + solutions.

On a daily basis, we support and guide our clients in implementing and optimising the reporting solutions that are most closely adapted to their specific business challenges in terms of management reporting.

Management reporting is a fast-evolving field: any solution produced at a given time T will have to evolve if it is to meet the challenges of tomorrow. For Nell’Armonia part of Accenture, the challenge is to offer you the most usable application solutions, solutions that are customer-scalable and efficient.

In this field as in many others, we very often work hand-in-hand with our clients in joint implementation mode, to facilitate the gradual upskilling of in-house teams and helping them to acquire the autonomy they need to implement new developments themselves.

Business case

Albéa outsources the production of its statutory consolidation and management reporting to the private cloud of Nell’Armonia part of Accenture.

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