Pilotage de la performance RH

Managing HR performance


KPIs and other indicators, dashboards, reporting processes and performance management tools are now an integral part of the HR department’s daily existence.

No less a strategic contributor than other department within the enterprise, the HR function has to deliver HR management with a twofold purpose: to measure HR performance on the basis of relevant strategic and operational indicators, shared and consolidated by means of interactive dashboards; and to leverage this HR performance, which must be embedded in the enterprise’s strategic priorities.


Managing HR performance, your challenges:

  • Effectively measuring the performance of HR processes
  • Measuring the impact of the payroll and its development
  • Positioning the HR function in relation to the overall corporate strategy
  • Linking HR performance with the financial performance of the enterprise
  • Optimising the operation of the HR function
  • Deploying measurement indicators and identifying levers for HR performance
  • Constructing dashboards in line with the strategic objectives and with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Taking on the mantle a business partner, raising awareness of the management “culture” among managers and employees.

Our answer: a pre-configuration dedicated to HR performance management

Capitalising on our familiarity with the issues involved in HR performance management, we have constructed a pre-configuration that is purpose-designed to measure the payroll and, more broadly, is dedicated to the financial management of HR indicators.

The challenge is to deliver more effective management of headcount reporting and forecasting by employee category, payroll management and the capability to simulate the impact on the payroll of a change in social regulations.

The pre-configuration provided by Nell’Armonia is completely customisable to your specific circumstances.
Nell’RH enables you to capitalise on identified good practices and speeds up the implementation of an HR performance management solution.

Payroll forecasting

Payroll management
can become a driver for improvement
in the performance of the enterprise.

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Headcount reporting

Lying at the heart of HR,
financial and regulatory concerns,
headcount monitoring is a highly fluid exercise.

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