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Headcount reporting


The essential basis for payroll evaluation, headcount reporting is a subject of constant discussion between the HR department and the administration and finance department.

A major concern for a number of areas: financial (payroll forecasting), HR (resource management, hiring forecasts etc.) and regulatory (CSR etc.), headcount monitoring is a highly fluid exercise: arrivals, retirements, maternity leave, sabbaticals etc.
Its integration into a reliable and agile information system enhances its relevance and ensures that the various functions have a single, consistent vision.

Headcount reporting, your challenges:

  • Aligning the HR and financial visions of the workforce inventory: what types of contract should be integrated, how to process part-time workers, how and when to deduct departures
  • Defining the relevant areas for analysis in headcount monitoring (type of post, type of contract, cost centre, temporary agency workers, gender split, seniority etc.)
  • Incorporating specific geographical considerations into group reporting
  • Establishing a reporting model that is sufficiently agile to integrate changes in professional activities and working practices
  • Developing a forecasting model for right-sizing the workforce, including not only entries and exits of employees but also staff transfers within the organisation or group.

Our answer: Nell'RH, a pre-configured solution

Our Nell’RH pre-configuration offers you an out-of-the-box solution for monitoring and predicting trends in your payroll.

This model can be adapted to your specific local circumstances and can also serve as the basis for developing a model that would be totally unique to you.

A real accelerator in implementing your headcount reporting and producing payroll forecasts, Nell’RH is also integrated into your budget preparation processes.

Our teams support and guide you in customising your model and integrating it into your information system.

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