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Payroll forecasting


The payroll can represent between 25% and 80% of operating expenditure. Its management therefore constitutes an essential driver for the performance of the enterprise.

The main expenditure item for numerous enterprises, the payroll spans the concerns of the HR department, finance departments and operational departments. The development of a payroll forecasting and monitoring model must make decision-making on HR matters more relevant and flexible.

Payroll forecasting, your challenges:

  • Defining the forecast development grid with sufficient finesse to meet operational needs while at the same time preserving the maintainability and scalability of the model
  • Equipping personnel management controllers with flexible and fast tools for preparing the mandatory annual salary negotiations
  • Anticipating the impact on future years of decisions taken in the current year (volume, carry-over, negative carry-over, Noria effects etc.)
  • Deploying and universalising a common language between functions
  • Managing the payroll, a key driver for improvement in the performance of the enterprise.

Our answer: Nell'RH, our pre-configured solution for payroll forecasting

Our Nell’RH pre-configuration offers you an out-of-the-box solution for monitoring and forward planning your payroll.

This model can be adapted to your specific local circumstances and can also serve as the basis for developing a model that would be totally unique to you.

A real accelorator in implementing your payroll forecasting information system, Nell’RH is integrated into your budget preparation processes.

The Nell’Armonia part of Accenture teams support and guide you in customising your model and integrating it into your information system.

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