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Managing your infrastructure

The delivery of maximum performances over time requires management of the infrastructure of your solutions.

The performance of your management solutions is always highly visible and critical within your organisations. Within increasingly tight financial close lead-times and high-stake management processes, it is vital to manage the infrastructure of management solutions installed “on-premise”, or on the client’s or a host website.

Managing infrastructure, your challenges:

  • Maintaining optimal performances
  • Ensuring compatibility with the publishers’ support matrices
  • Capitalising on your IT standards and your in-house competencies
  • Migrating applications regularly in order to maintain publisher support
  • Ensuring the interoperability of the “on-premise” and public/private cloud solutions you might use.

Our answer: expertise in management solution infrastructure

On the strength of their experience with over 250 clients, our management solution infrastructure experts support and guide your technical teams in installation, optimisation and the required technical developments.

For “on-premise” solutions, our experts’ close contact with the publishers’ development centres enables us to offer you technical expertise,
not only on existing versions but also on future releases.

“Be it in project mode or in the day-to-day running of your management applications,
we are at your side to assist with:

  • Working with your teams to define the most appropriate technical architecture for the publishers’ support matrices and your IT standards
  • Installing your platform and transferring technical competencies to your teams
  • Ensuring the interoperability of your management solutions with the rest of the information system
  • Undertaking stress test campaigns that are aligned with the actual use of your management platforms by end-users,
  • Advising you on the migration versions or patches to run
  • Drafting operating procedures
  • Acting as contacts for your hosting providers
  • Acting as contacts for your functional departments

EPM platform monitoring

Technical and functional supervision
and real-time monitoring of your reporting,
consolidation and budget applications.

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EPM platform migration

Successfully migrating your management platform
to a major new release and
guaranteeing continuity of use for your users.

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