A crucial or necessary project?

EPM platform migration


Migrating your EPM platform can be a necessary evil or an opportunity. In either case, oversight of a migration project is vital in order to guarantee continuity of platform use.

When your Enterprise Performance Managament solutions (EPM) are installed, monitoring of the publishers’ new releases becomes necessary. Questions then arise, such as:

How long is my version supported? Which new version should I install? What new functionalities are provided? What impact will the use of these new functionalities or versions have on my existing applications? My enterprise is migrating to Internet Explorer version X: will my management platform still function? How much time does a migration take, and how can it be inserted into my users’ reporting calendar with no interruption of service?


Migration, your challenges:

  • Ensuring compatibility with third-party systems
  • Taking advantage of new functionalities
  • Maintaining publisher support

Our answer: migration of your management solutions with Nell'Armonia

Regular migrations of your management solutions to new versions are necessary in order to ensure compatibility with the third-party tools of your information system, to maintain publisher support and/or to take advantage of the new functionalities available.

Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has been entrusted with countless migration projects since its creation.
Our infrastructure experts are ideally placed to:

  • Guide you in your choice of the most appropriate infrastructure in relation to the support matrices of software publishers, your IT standards and the functional needs of your users
  • Support you in the installation of components and platform tuning
  • Drafting and providing you with operating procedures that are adapted to the chosen solutions and your internal processes
  • Undertaking stress test campaigns to validate the effective operation of the platform and associated performances

Our tried and tested migration methodology delivers:
  • The benefit of our extensive experience regarding both the solutions and the subjects to be validated when a migration is performed
  • A time saving by entrusting us with the majority of the validation tasks for your management solution. This validation is automated with specific tools developed by Nell’Armonia part of Accenture .

Functional audit

Above and beyond technical support and guidance, a migration project is often an opportunity to substantially re-evaluate the functional use made of your management solution.

With the aid of our monitoring solution, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture’s functional experts then conduct a review of functional processes in order to provide you with a set of recommendations (addition, cleanup, optimisation). This ‘functional audit’ gives you a clear and detailed view of the new functionalities and the contribution they make within your specific context.

Managing change

Cost effective and easy-to-deploy training solutions will be offered in order to optimise management of the change among your end-users.

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