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Real-time monitoring of the health status of your reporting, consolidation or budget applications.

A 360-degree view of your Oracle EPM platform is of paramount importance for producing relevant business diagnostics. Poor diagnostics frequently lead to costly and pointless decisions, and in particular to time wasted on troubleshooting.


Monitoring your Oracle EPM platform with Nell’Control

The administration of your management platform is crucial. It calls for both functional (finance, management etc.) and technical competencies (hardware, OS, tools etc.). Yet the technical constraints of the platform are often obscure for functional administrators while, conversely, business needs can sometimes be sources of confusion for IT teams. Nell’Control produces simple and targeted dashboards that link the business and technical behaviours of your platform, delivering a real-time health check of your reporting, consolidation or budget applications.

The performance of your EPM platform on an ongoing basis

The most relevant consolidated measurement indicators are available via a web interface.

Alert thresholds and email notifications are put in place to issue preventive alerts to let you know about any performance slowdown… before your users do.

All members of the administration team share reliable and consistent information.

Non-intrusive, integrated with existing technical monitoring tools, the Nell’Control solution supports all tools on the Oracle EPM platform.

Nell'control - monitoring de performance


indicateurs clés

400 tried and tested key indicators


Can be integrated into existing monitoring tools

interface web unique

A single web interface


Non-intrusive solution

produits EPM

All EPM products

alerte automatique

Automatic email alert

seuils d'alerte

Alert thresholds for relevant indicators

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