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To run a business is to transform, to show entrepreneurial flair, to take decisions. The challenge for today’s business executive is to free up time spent on information production, and dedicate it instead to strategy. SaaS becomes the “secret weapon” for this transformation.

Business executives dedicate considerable time and resources to producing the information they need to manage their enterprise.
The investments are manyfold and they very often constitute fixed costs which take a heavy toll on profitability:

  • Software, to professionalise the production of reports and budgets
  • Cutting-edge IT equipment, to optimise the operation of the software
  • Sometimes substantial projects, to keep abreast of the updates offered by software publishers
  • Competent in-house teams, to maintain these software applications

Furthermore, in a shifting economic environment these executives now have to throw their full weight behind strategy, and have to free up the time and resources to do so.
SaaS (Software as a Service) mode becomes a true enterprise transformation tool which allows senior management to outsource these investments and minimise the cost for the enterprise, while at the same time ensuring sustained quality of service.

Productivity gains in the various business areas, greater agility, closer collaboration and a greater capacity for anticipation… these are the great benefits of this digital revolution.

Our answer: Nell'cloud

Since 2013, Nell’Armonia’s clients have benefited from the first comprehensive performance management offer in hybrid SaaS mode, enabling them to:

  • Reduce and diversify operating costs
  • Access the most powerful SaaS software on the market
  • Secure the benefit of advanced business and software competencies
  • Develop a partnership relationship with their SaaS provider
  • Have applications that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The first comprehensive performance management offer in hybrid SaaS mode

Reduced costs: pay per use

With in-house operations, human and IT investments are always sized to activity peaks in your budget or reporting process. They represent significant fixed costs, for managing processes of variable seasonality. In SaaS mode, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture will offer a cost that is based on the actual consumption involved in your process. Together we define the seasonality of your contract and a single fee for all services will be determined in line with this seasonality, offering you visibility over the entire lifetime of the contract.

The most powerful SaaS software

For your software base, you want to be assured of possessing the most suitable SaaS solutions for your management need. As an actor specialising in performance management, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has made a rigorous selection of the most powerful SaaS solutions on the market.
We will offer you the solution that will best achieve the functionality-cost-performance ratio you expect.

Specialists available 24/7

Outsourcing a reporting function necessitates access to a variety of competencies:

  • Business competency: to understand your need, to translate it effectively into the software solution and ensure you benefit from good practices observed on the market.
  • Software competency: to implement the response to your need, gaining maximum potential from the tools.
  • Technical competency: to guarantee optimal performances for your users.
  • Project delivery competency: to manage software update operations and the development of responses to new needs within the shortest possible timeframe.

Thanks to its triple business + technical + project delivery expertise, Nell’Armonia part of Accenture will deliver end-to-end outsourcing of all the essential competencies required for a successful move to SaaS. The continuous presence of experts – all regularly trained in evolving business practices and standards, new software releases and technological advances – is a further guarantee of quality and security for our clients.

A partnership relationship

The move to SaaS mode must be transparent for the enterprise in terms of the attention paid to the outsourced application.

Just as your in-house team did before the move to SaaS mode, your provider must commit to constant optimisation and improvement of your management solutions, with the perpetual aim of raising the agility, productivity and satisfaction of your users.

It is in this spirit that Nell’Armonia part of Accenture has developed its Nell’cloud offer: human and technical enablement resources help our clients maintain an enduring and continuous collaboration with our teams, thereby enhancing the benefit of the out-sourced applications.

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